Managed Routers and WIFI

Computronix can provide top-of-the-line Routers and remotely manage them to provide your network with excellent stability! Our routers have the capability to manage two internet connections. They can provide either load balancing between the two providers or failover in the event the primary connection goes offline. With almost every company 100% dependent on computers, superior internet is a must! We can recommend providers in your area and work with them to setup the two services to help your business achieve 100% uptime!

With so many of your devices in your workplace requiring excellent WIFI coverage, we have a variety of wireless devices to provide great service within your building-even to cover multiple floors! The capability to provide service between buildings that are relatively close in nature is an added plus for choosing the Computronix team! Let us design a WIFI coverage plan for your business and all of the devices that need it! We manage all of these top-of-the-line devices for you so that remote assistance is available with just a phone call!