Managed Antivirus & Disaster Recovery

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure……… might be an old adage, but it rings true today for your business to win the battle with security threats! Your thoughts must turn constantly and consistently to security and recovery to keep your business safe! Computronix provides affordable Centrally Managed Business Antivirus to secure your devices and keep them up to date daily!

Malware and ransomware can cause loss of productivity to your business, so let Computronix work to prevent detrimental downtime! We can tailor a Disaster Recovery plan specific to your business size and needs. We can provide Managed Online Backups for your data or a full scale Centrally Managed platform locally or in the cloud that can have your business back up and running within minutes by restoring everything from your network setup to your programs as well as data in the event of equipment failure or ransomware attack!