FAQ Viruses

I just had a computer cleaned up but I’m infected again?

We see this from time to time. Typically the same action is repeated that caused the computer to be infected originally. Proper care should be taken when traveling to websites or downloading free products or items. Sometimes these “free” products are associated with spyware/malware. Take note of sites you have been to when you noticed the infection and steer clear of those in the future.

How do you clean an infected computer?

We at Computronix spend about 30 minutes prepping systems before running our host of removal tools in order to avoid having to re-run scans due to not making sure we are working in a “Neutral” environment. We typically run anywhere from 10-15 tools depending on the severity of the infection. This process removes the infection and preserves your data at the same time.

How can I avoid being infected?

Make sure Windows and your Anti-virus software stay up to date. Avoid things on line like free toolbars, games, screen savers, etc… Never open emails from senders you do not know or trust. Avoid flashy advertisements and deals that seem too good to be true and know that nothing legitimate will randomly pop up and ask you to buy it or enter a credit card number.

What Anti-virus product would you recommend?

Due to the ever-changing nature of infections we know that no protection software is 100% guarantee. We recommend different software based on specific needs in order to help you find the best fit.

I have a paid anti-virus program, how am i infected?

Most of the infections that we encounter are not technically classified as viruses but instead is malicious software, commonly referred to as “malware”. Most malware infects your system remotely and discretely so that you are not aware it’s even there and due to this discreet back door in your system your anti-virus program has no idea it is there and usually the anti-virus software will be neutralized early on as the infection occurs.