FAQ Data

You transferred my data from my old computer to my new one, but not everything works or opens?

Think of it as growing pains. Most older computers that have seen a good deal of use will often be behind in program revisions, updates and or generally behind the current technology curve. No two computers are alike and this can cause adjustment issues. Unfortunately due to this perpetual issue we are simply unable to anticipate all potential problems. Should such an instance arise, we recommend calling us (940) 689-0200 and we will be glad to try to assist you over the phone.

Why can’t you back up or transfer programs?

Programs are software that require installation before being usable. During this process, many hundreds, if not thousands of registry keys are loaded into Windows. These registry keys allow the program to perform all its designed functions, and without them it simply will not work. If provided with the software media and the registration key, we will be glad to reinstall any software programs.

What data can you retrieve?

In most cases, personal data such as documents, favorites, pictures, music and movies are typically the data we most frequently recover. These are simply files that can be moved and are not attached to the operating system, but simply occupy storage space. We can also most often retrieve email settings for Microsoft mail programs and most third party mail programs, as well as files created with programs such as Quick Books and Turbo Tax. We cannot back up or transfer programs.

My computer died! Have I lost everything?

Not necessarily. Hard drives are the component in the computer where your data is stored. Many things can cause a computer to crash or die but not all are caused by the hard drive going bad. Even in cases where the hard drive is the culprit, there is still hope. We use advanced data retrieval software that allows us to pull data from drives that are not in working condition in most cases. For the extreme cases, we work with a data recovery center to attempt to get your data back on even the most damaged drives.