Help! I have a virus infection, what should I do?

Unplug your Internet connection first. Most infections these days will constantly download other malicious software on your computer and make the problem worse. A “grounded” computer will prevent that from happening as well as keeping your risk of identity theft to a minimum. We then recommend bringing the computer in for a cleanup.

My computer won’t boot, what can cause this?

This can be the result of many things, but most commonly indicates a bad hard drive or that windows has been corrupted and needs to be reloaded or repaired. We recommend bringing in the computer to be diagnosed and properly repaired.

My printer stopped working, can I fix it?

Printers are finicky devices that often spontaneously become uncooperative after long periods of working just fine. Luckily there is a quick and easy way to resolve most issues. First, turn the printer off. Second, check to see if there are items in your print queue (the print queue is the printer icon that appears in next to the clock in the bottom right corner of your screen) and cancel all items. Next, restart your computer and give it a moment to fully load up. Now, turn your printer back on and try to print.