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Computronix provides onsite computer and networking services and equipment to keep your business running at top speed!  We offer a wide variety of sales, service and support to businesses and home users. Computronix qualified staff of professionals is ready to help you with your networking computer needs. 

Computronix team members have over 30 years of computer experience assisting customers with their technical issues.  Whether you need your home computer cleaned of viruses or you need a new network infrastructure installed, Computronix has highly skilled employees to provide you with the best solution!

…but that’s not all! Contact us for info about:

Quarterly Maintenance

Maintenance on your servers and computers is essential.  Scheduled preventive maintenance will keep your equipment running smoothly!

Business and Residential On-site Computer Repair & Service

Can’t bring your computer to us?  We offer on-site service for all our customers.

Data Recovery and Transfer

Dead hard drive? Let us recover your data!

Remote Computer Repair

As long as you have a working internet connection, we can repair most problems.

Great customer support, went to the store for help finding a part I was missing for my m.2 they helped me out supper quick. Amazing place
Response from the owner: We are glad we had the part to get your system up and running! Thanks for the kind words!
Top notch service! very good people
Response from the owner: Thanks Jeremy! We appreciate the nice review and your business!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 stars!
I came in during the Thanksgiving break to fix my PC that no longer showed any video and they were able to quickly identify and remedy the problem. All thanks to them I can game over the break.
Response from the owner: We are so glad we could get your pc fixed quickly for you and we thank you for the kind words!
Excellent service with kind and helpful technicians that answered all of our questions, fixed our problem, and ultimately was much more affordable than we were anticipating. Would highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thanks Johnny! We were happy to get your issues resolved so you could get back to business! We appreciate your business and the kind words.
Adam was wonder and extremely helpful! I highly recommend Computronix for all your PC needs
Response from the owner: We are glad you stopped by and we could help! We appreciate the kind words.
Updated review 10-31-23. I came back from lunch today to find our server not working properly. It was running but the monitor was dark with the exception of 2 or 3 lines of verbiage that meant nothing to me. I tried a hard reboot but it came right back to the same screen. Our network was down so none of our work stations could access our business software plus our wireless credit card readers would not work. I sent an email to support with Computronix and within 5 minutes Chad had remoted into our server and was working his magic to get us up and running again. Within 20 minutes Chad had fixed the problem and we were back in business. I highly recommend Computronix in Wichita Falls. They are a one stop shop. Lance has a wonderful group of people working with him and they have great customer service!!What a life saver!!! Chad does it again. We had a VPN go down in our computer in Graham. Emailed support@computronix and Chad logged in through the internet and had us back up and running in less than an hour. I can't say enough good things about this business and the people working here.Updated Review 3-6-2023 Computronix and Chad saved the day!!!! If you could see my face you'd be looking at a great big smile. I left an email with Computronix Support late yesterday to let them know our internet was down so none of our 7 workstations could access our server to login to our chiropractic software. I received an email from Malinda early this morning letting me know Chad would drop by the office on his way to work. He was here before 8:30, had the problem diagnosed in less than 15 minutes. Our main switching device which was over 10 years old had died. He called his office and within 5 minutes a new switching device was delivered. 15 minutes later we were up and running. I'm telling you from personal experience.................... Computronix is the real deal!Updated Review 2-23-2023.... Am I ever happy with Chad at Computronix. He installed our new server Friday. What a great job! This wasn't just a plug it in and you're up and running job. He had to coordinate with our chiropractic software company to download the ChiroTouch software program, then transferred years of data and x-ray images. He re-connected all the work stations to the new server, added anti-virus, malware and offsite backup software. He re-configured all the workstations to backup on the server plus re-configured our digital x-ray to direct new images to the new server. We opened up today without one hiccup.
Response from the owner: Thank you, James, for the kind words and for calling on us for your Business IT needs! We appreciate your detail in helping get the word out for what we do! We look forward to helping your business by being your One Stop Shop for all your I.T. needs for years to come!
Over the weekend of may 6th myself and my team were converting a medical facility over to our network, and the people that shipped our switches did not include the mounting brackets we needed in order to get them into the rack. We had brackets overnighted, but we wanted to get the switches into the racks and not waste an entire day. The staff at Computronix basically pulled every mounting bracket off of almost everything in their building trying to assist us. In the end we were able to find a handful of mounting brackets that woul work temporarily and we bought screws from a hardware store. These guys went WAY above and beyond what I expected.
Response from the owner: You're welcome Joshua! Thanks for the great review! Glad we found enough for you to be able to complete the job!
The whole team is amazing!! Can’t say enough good things about this crew!!10 stars!!!
Response from the owner: We certainly appreciate your kind words and are so glad we were able to help you!
My keyboard wasn't working properly on my Alienware M17 R2 and before the actual IT Tech look that it the Gerneral manager tried to fix it as I need it for school and work. Amazing place and wouldn't go anywhere else for my computer repair needs.
Response from the owner: Thanks Michael! So glad we were able to resolve your issue with the keyboard and get you back up and running! We appreciate the nice review!
Excellent service 👍 Great place to find computer support, supplies and repairs. Fair and honest pricing.
Response from the owner: Thanks Stuart! Glad we had the part you needed to get your system up and running! We appreciate the kind words!
Incredible prices and even more incredible service. There needs to be an option on Google to allow you an extra star once a year on reviews. This is where those extra stars would be spent, without a doubt! Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thanks Cory! Glad we had the parts you needed to get you up and running again! We appreciate the kind words!
Everyone I spoke with was super friendly and helpful, I went in with an older laptop and a finicky charger worried I wasn't going to be able to fix my laptop but Kelly and Madison went above and beyond and helped me in about 15 minutes! Friendly, quick, and efficient!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the kind words Maranda! Glad we could help get you back up and running quickly!
I finally found a place that knows their profession. I want to thank Technican (Dee Dee) for outstanding. Service on my Lab top. They were quick and not costly. I look forward to bring more my business their way. And the receptionist is very nice and courteous . Thanks To all seeya soon for any of my problems with my personal computers. BRUCE You got problems, they will solve them. You can count on them.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Bruce for the nice words and compliments to our team! Very glad we could get your system back to working quickly!
My experience rated a 5 star from the time I walked in until I left. I was having a problem with my computer, I received professional help with the problem and it was taken care of in less than a hour. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the kind words, Linda! We appreciate you trusting us with your computer needs for so many years! Glad we could get you back up and working quickly!
I went to Computronix for screws to tie a motherboard to a ATX chassis,, the screws received were no charge. I was grateful. I recommend this business highly.Eugene Sikora
Response from the owner: Thanks Eugene! Hope you got your setup completed! Glad to help!
Had a bad experience with another computer store. Came here for assistance. They assisted me right then diagnosed it & advised me what to do. Best service ever!
Response from the owner: So glad we could help you, Staci! Thanks for the nice review!
Excellent customer service. Trustworthy, honest and accommodating. I have used Computronix several times over the past 5-6 years to provide computer set-up and problem solving. I highly recommend them!
Response from the owner: Thank you very much, Anne! So glad we could get your issue resolved quickly and we certainly appreciate your long-term business!
I called and they explained the cost and following work rates completely. I walked in the store was very clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. When I returned they were doing a couple of more things and asked me if this was ok. I said it was. Shortly my computer was ready and the Tech, explained everything in an easy to understand way. Their cost of upgrades was less than their initial diagnostic cost. I got home, hooked it up and it did exactly what they said it would. So, if you're in the Wichita Falls area and having computer trouble. Before you go get a new one let them have a chance. Courteous staff, excellent work. Thanks again to the entire staff they made this an easy experience.
Response from the owner: Thank you Brad! We appreciate the kind words and are very glad we could help get you back up and running!
Very nice and honest. Customer service was excellent.
Response from the owner: Thank you Neva! We appreciate the kind review!
The employees at Computronix are lifesavers. I’m in the area attending a school that has computer based training, but I live in Florida. I left half of my charging adapter at home!!! When I called this company to explain what I was missing, they said, “no worries, we’ve got what you need!” Sure enough, They had the exact component I needed. A weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and it’s all thanks to Computronix.. thank you so so much..
Response from the owner: Very glad we could help out with your needed equipment and safe travels back home! We appreciate the great review!
I would give the employees here anything they wanted, my first child, a down deposit on a house, whatever. I was in an emergency and supposed to leave town, not to mention that I work remotely and they stopped what they were doing and went out of their way to help me fix my laptop within ten minutes without charging me. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would. This review is a metaphorical kiss on their foreheads.
Response from the owner: We thank you very much, Savannah for your humorous and kind review! So glad we could help get you on your way quickly! Safe travels!
Thanks to Adam and Kelly for helping me with my pc. They are very friendly and eager to help. They were very knowledgeable and fast with their service. I would recommend Computronix for anyone's pc needs.
Response from the owner: Thank you Keith! So glad we could resolve your issue and get you on your way quickly! We do appreciate the kind words!
I was having issues with my laptop. I call Kelly and she said bring it and in a matter of minutes it was fixed. Amazing work Thank You guys. I highly recommend Kelly and the guys for all your computer needs
Response from the owner: We were so glad this was a quick fix for you, Wayne so you could get back to your business! We appreciate your business and the kind words!
Excellent place to find whatever you’re looking for! Nice people, very kind and super attentive in solving your problems
Response from the owner: Glad we could help! Thanks for the kind words!
I was without any IT support, so I called and spoke with Kelly, who was so knowledgeable and helpful. My laptop RAM was corrupted and their team was able to replace and restore my data and got me going within a matter of days (even during these times of short-staffing). I would highly recommend Computronix!
Response from the owner: Thank you Jana for the kind review! We were glad to help and appreciate your business very much!
Response from the owner: Thanks Vanessa! Glad we were able to assist with your computer!
Highly recommend Computronix. They are very responsive, kind and helpful people. Adam had my office set up in record time.!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Dotti! We appreciate the kind feedback and are very glad your office is working well!
Response from the owner: Thank you Lane! Glad we had what you were needing today!
Response from the owner: Thanks Linda! Great to see you today!
I went in because my laptop wouldn’t turn on. Turns out nothing was wrong with it. They didn’t charge me anything for double checking it making sure everything was working properly. They were super friendly and knowledgeable.
Response from the owner: Thank you Kira for the kind words! So glad we were able to get it back up and running for you quickly!
They were kind,helpful,had my pc up and running in no time,would use again.
Response from the owner: Glad we were able to help! We appreciate your business and your nice review!
Great computer repair business. Have used them for years and plan on using tem in the future.
Response from the owner: Sorry for the late reply, Ginger-we always love helping you and appreciate your return business!
Response from the owner: Thanks very much for the great review, we appreciate it!
They were very helpful. They had the advice and the part I needed at a fair price on hand.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Dean! We appreciate the review and kind words!
Response from the owner: We appreciate the 5 star review!
My computer wasn't operating correctly. They worked very hard and fast to get my problem resolved. Excellent customer service.
Great customer service, knowledgeable, professional - Thank you